Photo credit: Heather Jackson

Who We Are

RVR 2 RVR was inspired by Natali Zollinger and Brittany Parker, two passionate women who consider themselves stewards of the river. They travel around the world providing paddlers with the tools to understand and enjoy their local waterways.

Our clinics are designed with every level of paddler in mind; from beginner to advanced. We take river safety very seriously and will make sure each client has the necessary gear and knowledge before hitting the river. Whether you want to paddle class II or surf some of the worlds best river waves we’ll ensure you reach your paddling goals. Not only do we want to help you build your confidence and skills on the water but we want to encourage conservation efforts to protect the water that we all love so much.

Our Skills

World Class Stand Up Paddle Boarding


SUP Instruction


White Water Rescue


Community Building


Campfire Stories


Despite having a access to amazing whitewater paddling and surfing in my backyard, I always felt intimidated and out of my element. The RVR 2 RVR clinic with Natali and Brittany changed that for me. Not only do they have the skills and expertise to back up what they teach, but they also deliver the content in such an easily digestible way. They're unpretentious, encouraging, and great ambassadors for the sport - exactly what the paddling community is all about. If you're looking for great instruction (no matter your experience level!) and good camaraderie, take one of their clinics!

Meredith Brandt Potomac Clinic, 2016

The RVR 2 RVR clinic was well organized and full of content from the get go, and one of the best “staycations” I’ve ever had. The core gang, as well as the people they draw to them, were so affectionate and supportive; I feel like my river skills tightened up considerably. This team has a high level of expertise, and I believe that anyone looking to hone or expand their paddling ability would benefit from their teachings and warmhearted manner.

Thom WrightPotomac Clinic, 2016

Having only paddled on flat water, I was literally shaking when I stood up on my board on moving water. Brittany and Natali met me at my level and helped me gain confidence, new skills, and knowledge about River paddling. Their expertise and confidence made me feel safe to take risks and try new things. Their assistants Nadia and Heather were also super supportive and kind. They are great teachers and all-around awesome people and I will totally sign up for anything else they put on that I can!

Sara UrquhartPotomac Clinic, 2016

I had the most incredible time during the Whitefish clinic. I learned a great deal from these two wonderful coaches. Natali with her strong personality and Drill Sargent like teaching tactics and Brittany with her soft spoken personality made these two an awesome duo to learn from. Both are so dang talented in what they are teaching. I learned a lot by watching these two perform. I had a perm-a-grin from ear to ear! At one I was filled with so much glee that I got a little choked up, really! The South Fork River was beautiful, the group of paddlers in the class where so helpful and friendly, and Nat & Brit where so attentive that it made learning fun! My paddling skills improve greatly from this class.
Would I do this clinic again, you betcha! Would I recommend this clinic, damn straight I do!

Montana MarshWhitefish Clinic, 2016

Brittany and Natali do such a good job of catering their clinics to help improve the techniques of paddlers from all different experience levels. They make a sport that can feel rather intimidating at times feel very accessible and extremely fun and safe for everyone.

Leda OlmstedGlenwood Clinic, 2015