Photo Credit: Heather Jackson

Ride the Mountain Swell


We are setting out to create a one of a kind North American River SUP tour.  Everything from river surfing to SUP events… basically if it’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding; we’re there. We’re excited to visit the community run shops, teach classes, and promote the sport all along the way. If you’re interested in joining this community we love so much, sign up for our newsletter, book a class, or checkout the tour schedule to see if we’ll be in your area.  Here are just some of the reasons to take a class from RVR 2 RVR:

Learn from the Pros

Our curriculum was built by professional athletes with a combined experience of over 20 years on the river.

Multiple Days

Breakthroughs happen when you step outside your comfort zone. With our multi day instruction we make sure you feel the burn.

Grab Bags

We work with your local shops and international brands to offer you a swag bag filled with goodies and promo codes for stuff you love.

Community & Connection

RVR 2 RVR is bringing our river community to you. Signing up for one of our classes is your invitation to join a world wide river community.

Top Gear

We use the very best equipment and for a small fee you have access to the pro gear.

Video Analysis

Video analysis will allow us to dissect your technique while providing you, the paddler, a visual breakdown of your movements.

Video Credit: Travelling Rhino Productions

Photographer: Seth Warren

From our community to yours

RVR2RVR is on tour!  Join us on our adventure as we move from river to river and connect the River SUP community across North America.  As part of the tour, we believe it is important as podium athletes and ambassadors of the sport to give back.  In doing so, we will be offering classes to share our knowledge and as well as working with local shops to encourage the community to have a “support local” mentality.

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