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What’s New for 2017

By December 26, 2016Rvr2Rvr

Photographer: Heather Jackson

We’re almost ready to launch our schedule for 2017. It’s going to be a big year for us and we are so excited to hit the road this April. This year we will be offering some new mini clinics.

We realized not everyone wants to or is ready to commit to an entire weekend of whitewater and river surfing instruction. There are many of you who still would like some time to really dial in your skills on flat water. In select locations we will be offering three hour intro to river skills on flatwater. This class will be catered to those who are hoping to get into river paddling but aren’t quite ready for moving current.

This three hour class will boost your confidence and get you ready for your first on river clinic or paddle. We’ll go over paddle strokes, focusing on technique for those strokes that are essential to successfully navigating rivers. We’ll make sure you’ve got your stances, braces, and pivot turns dialed before hitting the river.

Look for our schedule on our website this January. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get regular updates on new blog posts, tour updates, special deals, and more.

Make 2017 about improving your skills and making sure you’re safe and prepared to paddle the veins of this Earth.

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