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Van Life Playlists Comin’ Back!!

By April 17, 2017Rvr2Rvr

Hey RVR 2 RVR followers!

We’re officially on the road at the start of our tour. We’re in Santa Cruz right now enjoying some beach therapy. Our first clinic is in Bend this weekend!

We spend so much time driving so good music is crucial. Which is why I’ve created the Van Life playlist series so you can get an ear full of what we listen to for those long drives, work outs, and chill-out sessions on the river.

Volume 9 is out and ready for your listening pleasure. You can expect a new playlist bi-weekly. Be sure to hit the Follow button under @bp_sups in Spotify to get notifications and full access to all my playlists.

Enjoy the Ear Candy!

Yours Truly,

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