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RVR 2 RVR and ASDT Unite – ‘Cinco De Moab’

By May 15, 2017Blog

There’s a certain energy that comes with having a large group of just women on the water. Egos are left at the beach that we launch from. Laughter erupts from the water as the girls swim through rapids or fall off their board after attempting a headstand. Which is why we jumped on the opportunity to run the SUP activity at the AndShesDopeToo ‘Cinco De Moab’ Rendezvous.

We spent the weekend taking girls down the Colorado River in conjunction with Paddle Moab. Some girls had never been on a SUP before and some were terrified of the river but everyone conquered a fear or pushed past their comfort zones. It was an uplifting spectacle and we are so honored to be part of these women’s first experience standing up on the mighty Colorado River. We passed around Lifestraws so everyone could leave having drank from the river and having a little piece of the Colorado running through their bodies. Connecting to the river is priceless and a life changing experience…thanks to all the ladies who showed up and absolutely crushed it!

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