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Kelly’s Whitewater Park: SUP River Surfing Clinic

By August 8, 2016Rvr2Rvr

Our blog has been a bit delayed and only because of all the prep that had to take place to get us ready for Outdoor Retailer. After each clinic we write a recap highlighting the place and people that we taught. The Cascade clinic happened about a month ago but was still a memorable one.

Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade, ID holds a special place in our hearts. Between the Payette River Games and the park itself being a perfect place for training we couldn’t not hold a RVR 2 RVR clinic at the park.

We partnered up with the local shop River Gear, the owners are two married avid water enthusiasts out of McCall, ID Kelly and Damon. They set up and organized a BBQ the night before our Intro to Surf clinic; we talked about the future of the whitewater park and hopes of making Kelly’s a regular stop for RVR 2 RVR.

Everyone who showed up had different levels of experience. Some never surfed before and others live right down the road and frequent the park. This would be the first time we’ve held a surf clinic without the river skills lesson on Day 1. Normally this would have proved to make the learning and teaching process rather challenging but everyone was so patient with one another that it went very smoothly.

The wave that we focused on is perfect for teaching, with a smooth entry, big eddie, and whitewater all the way across making it very retentive. For those who surf there regularly they got an opportunity to try more advanced board designs like the Badfish (INSERT LINK) Cobra and River Surfer. We worked on improving their weight distribution to encourage stronger more dramatic turns. It was great to see those light bulb moments that will result in them moving their surfing to the next level.

For some of the beginners it was new for them just to swim in moving current. Jumping into the river was them taking the next step to push past their comfort zones and gain a new respect for the river. We put all the beginners on the Badfish Inflateable River Surfer and by the end of it each paddler was getting into the wave and experiencing their very first surf!!!

We’ve been asked to come back next year with our full curriculum. We love teaching at whitewater parks; it’s the perfect venue and will definitely be back to teach a downriver skills and river surfing course come 2017. Big thanks to River Gear and Kelly’s Whitewater Park for making this clinic such a success! See you next year!

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