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Boise, ID 2017 Clinic Wrap-up!

By May 11, 2017Rvr2Rvr

Boise Idaho is one of those towns that we love coming back to year after year. The Boise River runs right through the city giving the locals a 20 mile stretch of greenbelt they can access for commuting, exercising, or surfing river waves.

Idaho River Sports is located on the north end of town with it’s perfect placement to the river wave as well as the new Esther Simplot Nature Park. With all of its ponds and trails, you’re bound to see an incredible sunset while getting in a great sweat!

Jo Cassin and Stan Kolby co-owners of Idaho River Sports (IRS) are an awesome team that have really helped put Boise on the map for all the different water activities.

Jo has been like a mom to Brittany and I (Natali). She’s always offering up way more than we need, and sending us away with goody bags bigger than the ones we give out in our clinics. She has a sweet soul with a passion for the water and is the perfect person you want on your side helping grow the sup community.

Every time we come through Boise, IRS puts on a film night to help promote the weekend festivities. This year, they brought in ambassador Kyle Smith to show his award-winning film “In Love With Frank” and talk about his experiences growing up around the surrounding rivers there. The film night was to also celebrate the warm spring temperatures and return of the sun. It was a long cold winter in Boise and the spring rains and snow melt had forced the reservoir system up stream to release more water than usual. It cranked up the Boise River to a record breaking high of 10,000 cfs (cubic feet per second), breaking the 2012 record of 7,630 cfs.. IRS has always been great about hosting our Meet and Greets with refreshments, snacks, and live entertainment. After the film we handed out our goody bags, chatted logistics, and retired early in preparation for a long weekend.

Saturday morning we arose to warmth and sunshine as we pumped up boards, laid out the gear, and set up for the students to arrive. For Day 1 Skills and Drills in our crew we had, Susan Goepfert (a 66 year old midwestern school cross-guard that has a huge passion for water and just an all around go-getter), Matt Johnson (long time local and newly Level 1 certified sup instructor), Jimmy Smith (IRS staff and only Sup Instructor looking to grow more as an instructor),  Joy Mckinnon (mother of 2 kids and first time EVER paddler), Laura Feeney (newly boise transplant and one of the crew leaders of Bold Betties) and Jo Cassin (co-owner of IRS).

Natali started off the morning with an hour mobility session on the grass helping the students understand their new Trigger Point “mobility kits” they received as part of their goody bags for the weekend. We focused on shorter roll out sessions with each muscle group to wake up the area and get it ready for paddling.

After we rolled out, Brittany went over all the gear necessary, to help the crew understand WHY WE USE WHAT WE USE and HOW TO USE IT! After that Natali paddled them out onto Quinn’s Pond to go over strokes, stances, drills and skills to get them dialed for the river. After lunch, we walked them down to the river to go over basic River 101, everything from hydrology to river navigation and orientation. The crew was primed and ready for Day 2’s paddle.

Sunday morning we awoke to a heavy layer of clouds and light rain, but nothing severe enough to call off our clinic. We gathered our crew, swapped out Susan and Jo for Yelena Shuey (a Star Wars fanatic and 2nd time student of RVR2RVR) and drove 30 minutes over to Kuna, where we set up at the best Put-In spot for Indian Creek. Our friend Jeff Banks, recommended we paddle this stretch with it’s busy water and potential surf waves. We liked how many different features we could encounter on our paddle so we decided to do it.

After a thorough safety talk, we paddled upstream about a 1/4 mile to a perfect spot on the river to go over our ferries, peel-outs, and eddy turns. After the crew refreshed on their strokes and stances we decided to have lunch at the beach and talk shop. After lunch, we packed up and “scouted” the first rapid. The crew was stoked to run it, so we got on our boards and continued down on our adventure.

About 30 minutes into our paddle we arrived at the “flume”. We got out, scouted, and talked about the features as Natali ran the rapid to help give the students an idea as to how to run it. We let the students make the decision whether or not they wanted to paddle, ran the boards through, and continued downstream. Throughout the day we had a lot of features to help point out to the students to help them understand how to navigate safely down the river.

Indian Creek offers a unique river experience compared to the surrounding rivers in the Boise area with its narrow passage, boogy water, and many shaped rocks scattered about downstream. It really teaches you how to read the river and only make quick moves when needed or you’ll find yourself pinballing and spinning downstream. We highly suggest checking it next time you’re in the area!

After the paddle, we hiked out, cleaned up, and met up for Brittany’s celebratory birthday dinner at Enrique’s Restaurant, a must stop for $1.25 tacos and $5 Margaritas. Boise is a town we wouldn’t expect to fall in love with, but we have and we can’t wait to come back. We plan on making that a permanent hub for our clinics and excited to continue growing their community around the water.

Check out our film below:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/0KAjKnQC1UQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>



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