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2016 is a Wrap!

By September 15, 2016Rvr2Rvr

Well, we did it! We started a business and just completed our first season. And as first time business owners it went extremely well. We’ve learned so much from this first chapter that you better believe we’ll come back next year stronger than ever.

If I had a single piece of advice for someone thinking of starting a business I’d say always prepare for the worst. Have a plan A, B, C, and D. This doesn’t mean don’t be optimistic but being prepared is better than being blind-sided.

As we reflect over the past six-months we really would like to thank everyone who made this year possible. To Jacob Quinlan being there in the early stages helping us develop our website and being our graphic designer, Heather Jackson for taking such killer photos, and all the shops that believed in us enough to invite us into their hometown and community. The relationships that we created along the way have been the most rewarding part of our journey. Every shop or outfitter we’ve taught through has asked us to come back again next year and that, to us, is a big compliment.

Cheers to our sponsors for believing in us and supporting us in our new venture…

Badfish Stand Up Paddle, you guys rock! Thanks for trusting us with the trailer and providing us with the best whitewater and river surfing equipment. Badfish is family! It’s because of your boards that people are experiencing the life-changing feeling of surfing a river wave.

Trigger Point Therapy, thank you for donating boxes upon boxes of your MB5’s. Our clients were stoked to receive them in their goodie bags and learn how to use them. You’re products have kept our bodies in-line and in-check, helping us maintain a happy and healthy body on the road.

Astral Designs, your shoes rock and so do your pfds. Thank you for keeping our feet happy and our bodies afloat. 

Healthy Skoop, thank you for being such a huge contributor to our goodie bags! Making it so easy to boast about how awesome your product is. Your superfoods and proteins kept us going during those big pushes from river to river.

Heidi Michele Designs, hats on hats on hats on hats! All the hats!!! Everyone was stoked on your hats. How could they not be? You make designs help us express our love for nature and resonate with all of us. 

Werner Paddles, we’ve been all about the Legend this year. Probably the best whitewater paddle to date. And thank you for catering to our little hands with your ‘Small Fit’ paddles. We love that Werner is made in the USA. Werner is a company we are so proud to be representing!

Sol Gear, we can’t thank you enough for providing us with goodie bags that came in all kinds of wicked colors.

Watershed, thank you for providing us with dry bags of all shapes and sizing so we could keep all of our clients stuff warm and dry when out teaching. As another company that makes all their stuff within the USA; we’re pumped to support you. Plus, your drybags are absolutely bomber!

Huppy Bar, you came on as one of our supporters later on and we’re so happy to represent you. You’re one badass chica who loves the river just as much as we do. You care about where your ingredients come from and know that we are what we eat. You, as well, have helped support our life on the road!

Last but not least, a huge thank you to all of our clients. You showed that you were willing to do something for yourself to become a stronger and safer paddler. Some of you drove over 8 hours to take our clinic…what a compliment!! You weren’t the only ones learning at our clinics, you each taught Natali and I something and we are forever grateful. Seeing you all improve over the weekend filled us with so much joy, its those moments that get us through all the hard times and inspire us to keep moving forward. Welcome to the paddling community!!!! We love you all!_r6a6483

Keep checking back for regular blogs from Natali and yours truly. We’re working on our 2017 tour schedule so stay tuned to see if we’re coming to a river near you!_r6a7439

(All Photos by Heather Jackson)

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